Hi. I'm Steve McCarthy. I'm a UX Strategy consultant living in London, England. I help companies large and small shape unique web, mobile, and VR experiences without sacrificing user needs, technology capabilities, or business objectives.


Writing has always been an important part of my life, so when I can find the time I write articles about topics that I'm passionate about. Here are a few recent posts:

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As a UX practitioner I constantly find myself in a position where I need to demonstrate a UX concept to a client, colleague, or friend. Sometimes a game can bring to life usability issues in ways that data or 2D designs cannot. Here are a couple of UX games I've created so far.

We see hundreds of icons in the apps and websites that we use every day, but without labels it can be tricky to discern the meaning intended by the designer. I've gathered 19 icons from popular iOS apps and provided multiple choice answers, but so far no one has got 100% correct. Can you do better?
Affordances are those crucial design cues that tell the user that something is clickable. I've highlighted 19 web elements from a range of automotive websites to see if you can tell if they are clickable by design alone. Good luck!