Motion Brothers is a small community of digital specialists based in London, UK.

Steve McCarthy is an Experience Strategist at Brandwidth, where he takes consumer insights gathered from research, psychology, and UX best practices, and uses them to produce a user-centric approach for organisations. His role transcends the production process, playing an integral role in the discovery and execution of a project, while supporting future development with continuous monitoring and performance analysis.

Mike Collins has been designing and animating for ten years, using experience across Theatre, Film, TV and Web to provide efficient file-based workflows for production and post-production. While seconding as an Assistant Producer for a major international broadcast company, he freelances with a close team of specialists to provide technical solutions to creative problems in both producer and director roles.

Lyall McCarthy is an illustrator, graphic designer and concept artist with over three years’ experience working in the independent games industry. His work comprises an eclectic range of visual styles, frequently blending traditional and digital media. Whilst specialising in user interface design for games and interactive media, he champions the importance of personal illustration projects and regular sketchbook work for maintaining a fresh creative perspective.

The opinions expressed on are solely our own and do not express the views or opinions of our various employers.

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